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“Wow! this was an unexpected delight! have to give “catacombs” my tune of the day gong cause it knocked me for six!! . . . These tracks really did leave me all spine-tingly & excited..a wickedly tight melodic & shady dark poptastic listening experience!”

– MikeWhitePresents

“Great sound and tracks!!!!”
– Pace Ride

You are one of the BEST independent artists out there right now!
– Metro Media Group

If you’re not familiar with Goth-Electro Alternative, think Lacuna Coil, meshed with The Birthday Massacre, sprinkled with some Kerli & Celldweller, and all rolled up with some Goldfrapp.

This Tulsa-based Oklahoma Alternative guy-girl duo is not only the hands-down trend-setter of this growing movement, but their live show is attracting all kinds of attention thanks to their mezmorizing dose of pulsating lights, which accentuates their indulgent cinematic attire.  This visual orgy appropriately compliments their enchanting and slightly haunting melodies, fused with stimulating, surreal elements of alternative rock & pop.

If you missed Heresy Theory open for National acts Kill Hannah, Driftless Pony Club, and Viva City, then now is your opportunity to download a few of their BEST mp3 tracks for FREE, before they are gone.

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